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    • Quality is Everything
      Long-term program, quality first.
    • Full participation, continuous improvement
    • Seek for greater perfection, create resplendence
      Seek for greater perfection, create resplendence


    Company Info

    Factory View

    As?Fluid Control Equipment Experts,?Dalian ZeSheng Equipment?is located in Dalian city, one of the most important industrial base of northeast China. Our No.1 goal is to lower the operating costs and increase the bottom line profitability of our customers by improving equipment realiability , increase service life and optimizing the performance.... Read More

    1. 1
      Company History

      ? Originally since: 2002
      ? ZeSheng Equipment established: 2012
      ? Location: North eastern China Dalian city
      ? Employees: 150
      ? Factory scale: 20,000 sqm
      ? Management system: SGS certified ISO9001:2008?
      ? Latest turnover: $5.3 million (2015)…
      ?Read More

    2. 2
      Research & Development

      ? Always happy?to design for new idea
      ? Cooperate with national famous University and built a Lab
      ? Professional R&D team
      ? Accept small quantity for new product
      ? Bear Development Cost with customer… Read More

    3. 3
      Quality Control

      ? Only use quality raw material?from leading supplier
      ? Advanced equipment to ensure quality
      ? Strictly test each during tooling process
      ? Offer 1-year warranty period
      ??Special Packing to protect goods?… Read More

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